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     Fisheries and aquaculture have emerged as one of the most promising sectors of food production. This sector is also important as it provides and fish protein locally and easily. This sector contributes significantly to national income, nutritional security, export earning and in fulfilling the various social objectives. Although compared to other sectors particularly agriculture in terms of volume, that is very small yet, aquaculture and fisheries play a very important role in terms of food/ protein security, employment generation and poverty alleviation in rural areas of the state.

     Fisheries in Jharkhand is developing with good pace and is one of the sectors which is attracting rural youths in a big way. Fisheries resources in the state are limited but considerable efforts are being made for their restoration, renovation and area expansion.


     Sustainable good growth of fisheries sector for maximum employment opportunities, economic growth and fish-protein security for our people


  • Enhancing fish production and productivity of available water bodies
  • Sustainable growth of fisheries in the state
  • To augment fish seed production for advancement of aquaculture in the state
  • To create employment avenues in rural areas through fisheries along with economic upliftment
  • To provide solid base for livelihood to displaced population of reservoirs through fish production
  • Area expansion for fish and fish seed production.
  • For the maximum sustainable exploitation of existing water bodies training programmes for fishers and SHGs.
  • Efforts for marketing of fish in hygienic condition along with fast transporting and deep freezing systems
  • Provision for social and economic securities to stake holders especially fishers.