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Our Objectives:

Betterment of Fisheries co-operative Socities and Better Production of Fish

  • To manage the small, mediumand large reservoirsand revenue ponds of the state directly or through Fishermen Cooperative Societies (FCS)
  • To provide finance to the FCS for development of fisheries activities
  • To assist in the preservation offish and other aquatic produce
  • To assist in marketing offish and other aquatic produce and to its products through concerned Government agencies or otherwise.
  • To help in theactivities forenhancing the production offishand other aquatic produce from the water bodies
  • To enter into all kindsofcontracts and transaction to purchase and sale offish and other aquatic produce
  • To acquire andhold share inany cooperative sociewin the best interest ofthe federation,
  • To take necessary steps to safeguard the interest of the affiliated societies
  • To encourage thrift, self-help and cooperation amongst the members of its affiliated societies and to promote the development ofcooperative ideas and enterprises among its members
  • To arrangeforthe trainingofmembers ofaffiliated societies
  • To motivate, help, coordinate andassistthe member societies and theirmembers in adoptingother aquaculture activities like ornamental fisheries, pearl culture, pen culture, cage culture, netweaving, boatmaking, fish seed raising, fish feed production, etc.
  • To assist the members in procuring crafts and gears for harvesting from the reservoirs.harvesting from the reservoirs.
  • To undertake fishermen welfare schemes like housing, tube well, community hall, insurance, credit-cum.-Relief schemes,etc

Our Key Achievements Emerging Processing Opportunities In Fisheries

  • Membership of 192 fishermen co-operative societies
  • Skill Development Training to 900 fishermen of different societies
  • Cleaning of weed from Bundu Lake( 99 acres), Ranchi
  • Installation of toilets of fisherwomen at Bundu
  • Non-formal education centre at Bundu for children of fishers
  • Distribution of nets to fishermen co-operative societies
  • Technical guidance to fishers for increasing fish production
  • Fish seed production and distribution
  • Training of divers in co-operation of State Disaster Relief Force
  • Training of fisherwomen of Sahibganj district, displaced during construction of Highway funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Affiliation with FISHCOPFED ( National Federation of Fishers), New Delhi
  • Installation of Office shed-cum-Fish sale centre at Jamtoli, Bero, District-Ranchi for Jamtoli Adivasi FCS
  • Management of Hygienic Fish Market in Ranchi

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