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Based upon the objectives, some main schemes of the deptt. are as follows, the details are available as pdf files on “Rajyadesh” section of the home page.


Two important training programmes are continuously being run by the FFTC. A five days residential training programme is for fish culturists. Trainees have to submit their forms with identity proof in the District Fisheries Officer of their respective districts. Trainees are given stipend and actual train/ bus fare from their district HQ to the training centre. Other training programme is for seed growers. It is a three days residential training. Seed growers have to register themselves for this training programme.

Seed production

A major portion of the fish seed produced in the state is the contribution of trained seed growers. Trained fish seed growers are given spawn on subsidy. They rear it and sale for their own.
These trained seed growers are again called at FFTC for a two days workshop in which they discuss their achievements and failures before technical officers. Adequate technical advices are given to them for betterment. They make their recommendations for budget making for coming years.

New ponds

Farmers may avail financial assistance for constructing new ponds of their own. Unit cost of one acre pond is Rs 3.00 lakh. Subsidy is available for constructing a pond mechanically and it varies from 90% to 80% for SCs/STs and others respectively.
They have to submit the Land Possession Certificate and a dully filled from with ID proof.

Fish marketing

Fisheries Co-operative Societies may get financial assistance for pick-up Vans for marketing of fish and fish seeds.
Retail stalls are available on 80-90% subsidy to facilitate retail marketing of fish in hygienic condition.

Office-Cum-Fish Sale Centre for FCSs

Fisheries Co-operative Societies may avail the facilities of having an Office-cum-Fish Sale Centre for their society. FCS can apply for the same to JHASCOFISH.

Technical Support for Fish Culture And Ornamental Fisheries

Fisheries Research Centre at Ranchi Conducts Water and soil testing for technical scientific support to pisci -culturists. Women entrepreneurs can avail technical training and “ start- up” facilities for ornamental fish rearing.

Cage farming

Jharkhand is one of the leading states in cage-fish-farming. Modular and GI pipe cages have been floated in different reservoirs of the state like Chandil, Maithan, Tenughat, konar, Masanjor, Tilaiya etc. Members of FCCs avail this facility and are doing cage fish farming. It is a very good self employment programme for the displaced population of reservoirs.

Fish feeds

Floating fish feeds are available for farmers at Ranchi, Chandil, Dhanbad and Bokaro feed mills which are run by co-operative societies.

Stocking Based Fisheries Development in Reservoirs

Fingerlings are stocked in reservoirs of the state for better catch. Displaced villagers of reservoirs do fishing in reservoirs. This programme has given very good result and production from reservoirs has increased.

Ved Vyas Awaas Yojna

Ved Vyas Awaas yojna is for providing houses to poor fishermen living in mud / Kuccha houses. Unit cost of a house is Rs. 1.20 lakh. It is 100% assistance to Fishers for constructing their own house like Indira Awaas

PMMSY Group Accident Insurance Scheme For Active Fishermen

Group Accident Insurance Scheme is for active fishermen. Fishermen between the age of 18-70 are covered under this scheme. Insurance claim of Rs. 5.0 Lakh is paid by the insurance company to the legal heir of the diseased for loss of life or complete permanent disability while Rs. 2.50 lakh is paid for partial and permanent disability. Claim information to be intimated to the insurance company within 90 days from the date of the accident. Claim document are to be submitted to the insurance company within 180 days from the date of the accident. Rs. 25,000-/ will paid to the accused against during the period in which the accused should be Hospitalized.